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Our 2-ply facial quality napkins, available in solid colors or white with a rainbow stripe, add color and pizzazz to the patients’ tray service.  The popular 15 × 17 size can be used to enclose the flatware to keep it sanitized during transport.  With a stock or custom napkin band, the flatware package can be assembled whenever there is some slow time in the kitchen.

2-ply pocket-fold napkins, both stock and custom, are available in two sizes:  15 × 17 and 17 × 17.  Put your hospital logo front and center while you keep the knives, forks and spoons protected and stationary as they are transported to the patients’ rooms.

Napkin Bands

Wrapped flatware is recommended by the FDA to provide protection from air-borne contaminants, so why not make a statement with a colorful napkin band from Woodstock Dietary Systems? Whether you order from inventory stock or have us design a custom napkin band, the minimum order is only one case of 20,000. Use the 1-½ × 4-1/4 size for paper napkins or the 1- ½ × 6 size if you use linen.