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Stock Tray Covers

Our tray covers are produced in the U.S. on embossed high-quality 40-pound bond paper using designs that reflect today’s trend in food-service color schemes. Stock traycover size is: 13.5” x 19”. 

Our Diet Description tray cover helps you to meet the Joint Commission requirements that you inform your patients about their diets.  These traycovers include the design.  And it’s as much fun as reading a cereal box when you were a kid. The Diet Description tray cover is available in 2 sizes 13.5” x 19”  and 12 ¾” x 16 5/8”.  All of the other stock tray covers are only available  in the 13.5” x 19”.

Don’t hesitate to call 800-435-4874 or email

Seasonal/Holiday Tray Covers

It’s especially hard for your patients to be in the hospital over any holiday, so brighten their day with a special Holiday tray cover with a 15 x 17 coordinating 2-ply Holiday Napkin. Holiday tray covers are available in several different sizes for your convenience. 12 ¾” x 16 5/8” fits a 14” x 18” tray and 13 5/8” x 18 ¾” fits a 15” x 20” tray

These Holiday tray covers are available in packs of 100 or in cases of 1000. Please call 800-435-4874 or email for additional information, pricing and samples.